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Skin Tags & Warts Removal

Warts commonly termed as verruca vulgaris.It is a viral infection caused by Human Papilloma virus(HPV).It can affect any part of the body from head to toe.Different variants of HPV are there which cause this type of infection.

Types of warts

Flat warts: This type of flat warts generally affects teens and children. Flat warts are smooth in appearance and commonly affecting face. Genital warts: Genital warts are commonly seen in genitals,near pubic area,in and around anus and in vagina.They are generally pink/red in color,appearing in clusters,and may grow rapidly.Genitals warts are rarely symptomatic.

What are the common sites?

Warts can be seen on facial skin,scalp,palmer& plantar skin(Palm & soles),genital areas and even the skin under the nails can get involved.

How the infection gets transmitted ?

Direct contact: When a person gets into direct contact with another person having warts.It is the most common way of getting this kind of viral infection as it is very contagious. This explains why facial warts are commonly seen in the beard area of men and eyebrow area of females.People can catch this infection in salons very oftenly. So once a person gets infected,he/she can cause infection to himself as well as to others also. Sexually acquired warts are seen in and around the genital areas of both men & women.

Why does warts re-occur?

HPV has got a very long incubation time. This HPV remains in the dormant stage for years together and when it starts multiplying,they are seen as warts on the body. So after the removal of warts, the skin looks very clear but the dormant virus can get reactivated after sometime and can affect the same or different site on the body.

What is the treatment modality in warts?

  1. Medical treatment:Salicylic acid & lactic acid preparations can be used topically.Medicines like oral Zinc &immunomodulators should be prescribed.Topicalimiquimod& some homeopathic medicines are also useful sometimes. 2. Surgical treatment:Electrocautery,RF,CO2 laser &cryotherapy can also be performed to remove warts. Laser wart Removal Treatment is one of the most common treatment of choice. The warts present on the skin can be easily removed in a single sitting with the help of laser wart removal treatments. The CO2 laser is dudes to slowly burn the wart accurately without causing damage to the adjacent skin.
Although, there are high chances of recurrence after laser wart removal treatment is done,so simultaneously treatment to prevent recurrence should also be started. Sometimes,warts are seen on the scalp area ,in between the hair,which causes difficulty in combing. So laser wart treatment can be done easily to get rid of those unwanted and irritating warts.
  1. Auto-innoculation:A boom in the treatment of warts is Auto inoculation.Beyond laser treatment for wart removal, auto innoculation is a very good treatment as it helps in generating immunity against the HPV virus in patients own body. This is a permanent solution to warts, if it succeeds.
At Satya skin & hair clinic, very high satisfaction rate of wart treatment is achieved using all these treatments and especially laser wart removal treatment has helped a lot of patients to get their get unwanted warts removed