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Dandruff is a condition of scalp in which scales or flakes appear with marked itching. In some cases it can be an embarrassing situation and individuals struggle to find a right dandruff treatment. Our Mumbai clinic is frequented by patients who are looking for the best dandruff solution for their stubborn dandruff condition.

Causes Of Dandruff  : Not Brushing Hair Frequently Brushing hair aids the shedding of dead skin of scalp. By not brushing frequently the scalp is unable to shed the scales and it can promote yeast or fungal infection in the scalp. Fungi Or Yeast Some scalps are more sensitive to fungal development and dandruff is a recurrent problem for them. They may have dandruff in both summer and winter months. Dry Skin People with dry skin tend to have flaky scalp with dandruff but the scales are small and without oil. Seborrheic dermatitis (irritated, oily skin) Dandruff in seborrheic dermatitis is greasy yellowish and difficult to treat with OTC products. Dandruff develops mostly at hair margins, behind the ears, chest, around the nose etc. It is also associated with marked itching and greasy scalp. Not Enough Shampooing When your shampoo is not right for your scalp or you are using either a very mild shampoo or a harsh shampoo it can cause a product built up, or built of oil due to heavy conditioners present in the shampoos. A mild shampoo can also cause dandruff by ineffective removal of scalp oil. Certain Skin Conditions People with skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema are prone to develop dandruff easily. Some Illnesses Patients with Parkinson’s disease or neurological disorders are more likely to develop dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Individuals with weak immune system or patients recovering from heart attacks or strokes also tend to develop dandruff more often than others. Reaction To Hair Or Skin Care Products Some may have allergic reactions to the ingredients present in the cosmetic products for hair and scalp and can cause itching, redness and dandruff. Malassezia Some may have allergic reactions to the ingredients present in the cosmetic products for hair and scalp and can cause itching, redness and dandruff. Diet Sometimes a deficient diet in Zinc and vitamin B can also cause dandruff. Mental Stress There is supposed to be a link between stress and dandruff.

Other Symptoms Associated with Dandruff

  • Oily greasy scalp
  • Itching of scalp
  • Bleeding in extreme cases
  • Folliculitis or infection of hair follicles
  • Acne on face
  Treatment For Dandruff Dandruff is usually treated with following ingredients or a combination of them with oral supplements or antifungals in some cases. Zinc Pyrithione, Selenium sulfide, Ketoconazole, tea tree oil, salicylic acid, coal tar help to reduce the oil production, remove scales or control the fungi present on scalp. Some scalps are also helped by topical and oral natural anti dht agents or antiandrogens. Green Tea potential – Researchers from the Medical College of Georgia, USA, found green tea to be having potential for dandruff treatment.